Fluorescent Tube Removal/Disposal/Recycling

Why Recycle?

Spent Lamps (which are lamps that have burned out) frequently exceed toxicity standards for mercury, cadmium, and lead, thus making them harmful to our enviroment.

What Qualifies?

Spent Lamps include, but are not limited to, the following lights--

  • Fluourescent
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID)
  • Mercury Vapor
  • Metal Halide
  • High Pressure Sodium
  • Neon
  • Incandescent

The following outlines NEC's pricing for the recycling of fluorescent lamps & PCB Ballasts.

4 ft. or smaller Straight Fluorescent Lamps

$ 0.70


5 ft. to 8 ft. Straight Fluorescent Lamps

$ 1.41


Compact Fluorescent Lamps or Circle Lamps

$ 0.78


UBend Lamps

$ 0.78


Incandescent Lamps

$ 0.69


HID Lamps

$ 2.99


MVR Lamps

$ 2.99


Halogen, Flood, & Spot Lamps

$ 1.55


Drums of Inadvertently Crushed Lamps

$ 459.00

per drum

Non-PCB Ballasts

$ 0.90

Per Pound

PCB Ballasts

$ 1.12

Per Pound

The following outlines NEC's pricing for Lamp Cartons:

4 ft. Lamp Carton (holds 35 lamps)

$ 2.10


8 ft. Lamp Carton (holds 15 lamps)

$ 2.90


U-Bend Cartom

$ 2.35


Pricing is available for all other lamps by contacting our office at (502) 261-0800.

Load time and transportation charges are as follows:

Miles from NEC

1 - 12 Boxes

13 - 100 Boxes

0 to 40

$ 100.00

$ 150.00

41 to 90

$ 200.00

$ 300.00

91 to 150

$ 300.00

$ 400.00

All prices are based on a one (1) hour load time. Any delays with regard to loading or any packaging and/or repair delays will be billed at $ 110.00 per hour.  Greater mileage and larger quantities will receive separate pricing quotes. In order to avoid the load time and transportation charges, you may schedule a time to drop off your tubes and ballasts at our warehouse location.

Lamps will be accepted under the following conditions:

  • All lamps must be in either original containers or in lamp cartons
  • All containers/cartons must be labeled according to Universal Waste Regulations to include number of tubes
  • Lamp containers/cartons must be sealed at each end
  • Boxes must be stacked on pallets  

Crushed lamps will be accepted under the following conditions:

  • Crushed lamps must be placed in drums abd labeled appropiately
  • Generator must supply NEC with an EPA ID #

Additional information:

  • Lamp and ballast pick-up are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday of each week
  • NEC is using Non-Hazardous Waste Manifests for the disposal of lamps
  • NEC is using Hazardous Waste Manifests for the disposal of PCB's and crushed lamps
  • Payment can be made by MC/Visa, American Express, or can be billed net 30

What now?

Since spent lamps cannot be crushed on site, it is necessary to have them recycled by a licensed destination facility.

NEC is the only certified destination facility in the area and will be happy to help you in any way possible.